About us

Got the Goods Nutrition – The Good Stuff!

Got the Goods Nutrition was started to provide customers with natural proven vitamins and supplements. We have taken our passion for health and fitness and made it our life's mission to share it with others. We pride ourselves on carrying only the highest quality nutritional supplements available in Canada. Our products are carefully chosen with one thing in mind; that they work!

We at Got the Goods Nutrition offer the good stuff at a good rate. Dealing wholly with Canadian distributors allows us to offer our customers with honest and reasonable prices. We do not have to inflate the costs on our products because of international shipping charges, exchange rates, duty and other taxes that may arise when dealing with distributors outside of Canada.

We make it easy for the busy bodies that know what they want and prefer to be in and out, hassle free. We also provide the shoppers who like to take their time, ask questions, and do their research on a certain brand or product to browse around our store and/or surf the net.

We offer our customers a knowledgeable and friendly service, aiding to their goals. Whether it is to get fit or just live a healthy lifestyle, we are here to help! We offer a variety of products to meet any specific needs. If there is a product that we may not have, and that you would like to see us carry, don’t be afraid to ask, or to please let us know.

We look forward to living healthy with you!